Exchange Rate

Currency Quantity You Buy (NGN) You Sell (NGN) Our Reserve
Perfectmoney 1-100,000 370 345 12488.25 USD
Bitcoin 1-100,000 380 340 15.345 BTC
Ethereum 1-100000 405 25356.47 USD
Bitcoin Cash 1-100,000 410 340 15321.9 BCH
Ecoin 1-100,000 410 4000 USD
Webmoney 1-100,000 420 10000 USD
Payeer 1-100,000 410 5000 USD
Litecoin 1-100,000 410 345 15.3219 LTC
Okpay 1-100,000 420 3000 USD
Skype credit 1 - 100000 400 10000 USD
Monero 1-100000 405 40340.54 USD
Ripple 1-10000 405 100000 USD
Dogecoin 1-100000000 405 2000000 USD
Dash 1-1000 405 19987.99 USD
Zcash 1-10000 405 23985.98 USD
ADVcash USD 1-100000 405 10000 USD
Ethereum Classic 1-10000 400 10000 USD


We are on stand-by at any time of the day to receive and process your order.

Buying Made Easy

Whatever it is that you want to buy, be it Perfectmoney. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Bitcoin Cash. Ecoin. Webmoney. Payeer. Litecoin. Okpay. Skype credit. Monero. Ripple. Dogecoin. Dash. Zcash. ADVcash USD. Ethereum Classic. We have many banks to receive your payment seamlessly without stress.
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Grt service....you guys rock!! I love your swift and INSTANT response.

Mgbe Edim Nsor 18 Aug, 2016

Awesome !!!. Aboslutely love it

ID 29 Mar, 2016

Yes i am enjoying your service

churchill agu 18 Aug, 2016

you guys are the best ..fast and reliable....lots of love..from sanz

michaels 24 Apr, 2014

Your services have been satisfactory and evolving.I have been with you guys for years now and have no regrets. Even on weekends, you still deliver. Kudos.

King 24 Nov, 2017

super fast. love it

rgBanks 22 Jan, 2016

In fact, am surprised at the way this site service works. I was first doubting but answer me sharp sharp. I pay through online banking and before I open my email to confirm the payment, they have already credited my perfectmoney account. Men, its wonderful. Thanks alot instantexchangers. I recommend to anyone. Just follow the instruction given and there you are in a second. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

ARKOFGOD 23 Oct, 2013

What a wonderful company to deal with, they'll credit your bank account or PM account under 10mins. I'm proud of you guys! Good work, great team! God bless us all

KING 24 Jul, 2018

You guys are the best ,since 2017 you have never disappointed me. Thanks a lot, keep the good work going.

Sheezy 30 Sep, 2017

Your service has been wonderful and tremendous. Keep providing quality service.

Innosaint 03 May, 2018

Payment Options

We have many payment options, we accept Cash Deposit, Internet Banking transfers, Instant Wallet, JostPay, Perfect Money, Quick Teller, Western Union, Interswitch, VISA, MasterCard, Verve Cards.